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• Hand saws

• Knives

• Lawn mower blades

• Gardening tools

• Reconditioning of existing tools

Get Your Home Essentials Sharpened Today!

Need to sharpen your hand saw or the blades of your lawn mower? Rely on Sharpening Specialists to sharpen your home essential tools in a prompt and professional manner.


The professionals at Sharpening Specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable and will do a fantastic job on your tools. Call us at 316-945-0593 to learn more.

Need to sharpen your tools as per manufacturer's specifications or modify them for special use? Our personnel can do it for you. What's more, we also create custom angles, re-serrate the edges of scissors, knives and pruners as well.

Exemplary sharpening services for home essentials

Customized sharpening services

Has wear and tear, dirt, rust and neglect damaged your edge tools? Count on us to restore them to their original condition.


We'll break them down, clean them up and replace your worn hardware.

Looking for sharpening services for your home essentials? Call us at



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